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R4 3DS,R4i 3DS,3DS games,R4 3DS

R4 3DS,R4i 3DS,3DS games,R4 3DS,3DS Accessories

the archive does not work.

R4 3DS Answer: TSD / TF Card is a problem (FAT wastes) may be, the first backup file on your computer, SD, and SD card format. Keep in mind that more than 1 GB SD card formatted with FAT32.

Finally, copy the backup file to the SD card.

2 shows the message file name is too long.

Answer: The NDS tree can not exceed a maximum of 80 bytes. NDS file name of the business as long

3, R4 How To change language settings?

R4i 3DS Answer: You can instantly change the interface language R4 kernel. The third icon on the screen, change the language options in the upper right. The option to change the language to include the "X / B 'button.

User file R4iMenu "languageini" The change can change the language setting.

4, the game does not start.

Answer: This may be a regular anti-flash card game. Download the latest R4 kernel games crack, crack download if you follow the game.

Technical support staff, and R4-mail communications can not play games.

5, the number of games, only 4 games to R4. This game takes more time to choose. There is no faster way to select the game?

3DS games Answer: The main game interface, select the bottom right of the icons in the next screen in / out to zoom. Click for a link to the user. Home users can use the buttons on the left and right.

Each page can be in four games.

6, may be how the game screen interface back to the R4 kernel?

Answer: Press (X + Y + B + A + L + R), the game screen to switch between flash cards kernel.

7, the game can be used for fraud?

Answer: First, select the game you want to start the game. Then the "B" button on the screen to fraud. Check if you want to use to use. To use the Start button and then open it.

Again, the game screen and the game "in the menu. If you want to save some of his finger, remember that under the record button. If the little finger on the icon will be yellow if you have the next game.

Used to update the game to a new base of support for the use of R4 "usrcheatdat" on a regular basis to update the site.

8, R4 kernel interface, a Media Player (moonshell) as a back?

Answer: Media Player (moonshell) screen, to access the options menu "Start" button, then select the firmware to return.

9, "menu" is the boot screen.

Answer: SD / TF Card R4 kernel is not installed. Go to the official website download wwwR4i-kernel. Then to install your kernel.
And "NO CARD" display bug stuck on 10, the opening.

Answer: D SD card / TF can not find. SD cards do not have the right to make sure that the SD card is inserted. SD memory card can be a problem.
"Loading" screen boot lock 11

Answer: The official website of the kernel, the core information about the mobile-R4 can be burned to make sure the card.

cheap 3DS Accessories "Grab This volume scrolls, it will guide you to beat the demons of the road." Grandma will plug in the leaf scrolls pupil's hands, "the someone to help you fell monsters, I would worry more." Old man looked at me, "I hope you two can survive the robbery." Having said this, she goes face always hidden face, suddenly tears.

incase protective cover for ipad Volume IV Chapter 73 Inter-school league Zhuangshennonggui

3DS Accessories sale This evening, the mood is very bad pupil leaves, toss and turn in bed, constantly in tears, then change back to a fragile girl - even a few hours before she fell monsters is like a warrior. I do not know how to persuade her, especially when it is repressed in Qinghai, one night, I sleep in the dim light to sink.

incase protective cover for ipad Li Qiang, a draw hand of God pen readily, leaving a void in the dark traces of gold, emit a light, sophisticated, with the artifact's blessing, and now the power of writing out a lot of really pure. Li Qiang excitement away God pen, thinking of what to send their own in the end God is good to Confucianism, is the show for now their most successful law practice, but Confucianism, God is the realm of the gods, master master class, self-made school, the practice exercises are not interested in top grade and now no more than artifacts, it seems inappropriate to send anything.

ifrogz 3DS Accessories (Updated :2007 -8-21 13:44:00 chapter words: 2226)

3DS Accessories cheap The next day we all woke up early, blue sunshine into the room without any hindrance according yard. Out of the village, is the vast expanse of the Gobi Desert.

cool 3DS Accessories Ye pupil suddenly told me: "That much, this is my wrong from the start to drag with you I wrong, I thought, this is our family in their own thing, nothing to do with you, you or a return to Shanghai it. "

cyber acoustics 3DS Accessories Li Qiang, constantly looking at the hole two flashing eyes, as if to see what he was thinking, jiggle purple fan smile: "We're not doing transactions, quasi-Road I send you something, you have to send me? Oh - - "Li Qiang, blush, nodded and said:" is more than younger people to consider, huh, huh. "

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bookbook 3DS Accessories "Lu Ping said, 'He, he went out ...' teacher nonsense to say that she is still asked, 'Where did he go?''He went downstairs ...' class teacher would like, let along with this fantasy land Ping generated monsters, to see where to go, she would untie the knot, so they followed a bunch of people back and they walked away, silence all around the middle of the night, actually out of the town spring, and finally, to to a lake, Lu Ping cried, 'he jump off the ...' to such a degree, we can not continue to follow, but to the dormitory to sleep. "

buy 3DS Accessories "But this is my family in the matter, and may be very dangerous!"

bookbook 3DS Accessories Hole two Schmidt continued: "But after that there will not be allowed to ask for little brother, I hope you can without finding a way out on the line." Li Qiang, nodded and said: "As long as the younger generation can understand to do thingtop iphone 4 casess a certain duty-bound." Said seems to have finished a feeling cheated, sad joke Guangling said: scrubby little guy again in beating about the bush to drill, no ill-wishers. "

ipad leather book case Yeyu Hu Xiaodan also wish at this moment Tony was holding his fear, but not what Tony Danielle, still silly looking teacher. So he wanted the teacher to say that the more horror story better.

sale 3DS Accessories "Oh, you know at risk? You go it is more a crisis

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I'm a minimalist so I really love the iPhone. I'll be switching to it once it releases. ipad 2 leather case iPad2 Pouch Cases ipad2 smart cover
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