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Convert GoPro HD Hero MP4 to AVI with GoPro HD to AVI Converter

ipad001 - 30-8-2013 at 07:50

GoPro MP4 to AVI Converter- Convert GoPro HD Hero MP4 to AVI with GoPro HD to AVI Converter

AVI video is an uncompressed video format, so the screen quality is maximum. Video cameras that output clips in AVI format do not working too much on footage, but GoPro HD camera for instance does some serious work to compress the Video to MP4 format in H.264 encoding. That is because too much space on hard drive occupied by AVI format video, so GoPro keeps the quality high and at the same time keeps the files small.

Although GoPro HD Hero series cameras can take high quality video, but there is a question when playing & editing GoPro HD video in MP4 format. That is you cannot import MP4 format GoPro HD video to most movie editors or your player didn't play MP4 video. Nowadays many program didn't accept MP4 files, so if your program didn't support MP4 you must convert your GoPro HD video to other format supported by video editor you adopt. And AVI format video is proper and good in regard of editing video with movie editor. Converting GoPro HD video to AVI format for editing is a good choice because AVI format video accepted by almost all video editor and media player. For example: Windows Movie Maker, any version of Sony Vegas, VirtualDub, etc.

When you need a GoPro Video Converter to convert your GoPro HD MP4 video to AVI I suppose you adopt our GoPro HD Hero MP4 to AVI Converter. May be you have used other video converters but it cannot satisfied you because visually quality loss and andante converting speed. If you adopt our GoPro HD Video to AVI Converter, quality loss will never bother you again. You will not notice any degradation of the video because GoPro HD MP4 Video to AVI Converter does not recompress the video you convert, only changes the files from GoPro MP4 to AVI. For this reason it is also fast when converting.

After converting your excellent GoPro HD activity video to AVI format video with our GoPro HD to AVI Converter you can freely transfer it to your video editor for editing without any problem of unable to import. I believe GoPro HD Video to AVI Converter can help you much for you to edit and enjoy your exciting outdoor sport videos.

How to convert GoPro HD MP4 to .avi files?

Step 1: Input GoPro MP4 video to GoPro MP4 to AVI Converter
Free download the GoPro MP4 to AVI Converter and run it and then import your GoPro .mp4 video into it.

Step 2: Select output format .avi
Choose the right format here we choose .avi.

Step 3: Convert
Click the "Convert" button to convert GoPro HD .mp4 to .avi directly.