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Product Description-Lead Free Pex Fitting

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Product Description-Lead Free Pex Fitting

Product Description-Lead Free Pex Fitting

Item: Lead free pex fitting -Tee

Material: Lead free brass forged

Size range: 3/8-1(inch)

Standard meet: NSF 14(DZR SCCR), NSF/ANSI 61 Section8 AnnexF, Annex G

California Prop. 65, ASTM F 1807, ASTM F 877, CSA B 137.5

PEX fitting include equal and reducing size:

Equal: 3/8"barb, 1/2"barb, 3/4"barb, 1"barb


lead-free Pex Fitting

Lead-free brass is available. Pb content below 0.25%

Your lead-free solution in China for Plumbing

Lead free pex fitting

Hose barb fittings

Union tee

Material: brass

Use with plastic tubing or rubber hose

Domestic and Foreign standards

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Sistemas de recubrimiento en polvo por termofraguado en base a copolimeros de acrilato

Sistemas de recubrimiento en polvo por termofraguado en base a copolimeros de acrilato

La invención se refiere a Sistemas de Recubrimiento en Polvo por termofraguado, que también se denominan Sistemas de Recubrimiento en Polvo quecontienen: (A) un copolímero de acrilato con grupos epoxi como resina aglutinante, (B)un ácido polibásico alifático y/o cicloalifático y/o suanhídrido y/o el anhídrido modificado por poliol de un ácido polibásico y/o resinas amorfas o semicristalinas copoliestéricas con grupos carboxílicosfuncionales y/o resinas de acrilato con grupos carboxílico funcionales o las mezclas de tales sustancias como endurecedores y (C) cargas y/o pigmentos y/oaditivos optativos de acuerdo con el arte anterior, donde el copolímero de acrilato que contiene grupos epoxi (A) tiene un peso molecular (Pm) de 1.000 a30.000, preferentemente de 1.000 a 20.000, una temperatura de transición vítrea (Tv) de 20 a 120°C, preferentemente de 20 a 90°C y número epóxido de 0,018 a0,510, preferentemente de 0,04 a 0,20. Dichos copolímeros pueden producir en un primer paso en el que se lo obtiene, con un grupo carboxílico funcional (D)mediante copolimerización con radicales, preferentemente, por medio de un solvente o una polimerización de sustancias que, efectuada la separación, setransforma en pasos ulteriores mediante la conversión con epihaloalcanos en el copolímero de acrilato que contiene un grupo epóxido (A), y en el cual elcopolímero (D) se obtiene por copolimerización con radicales de una mezcla de monómeros.

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How to Use a Clamp AC Meter

How to Use a Clamp AC Meter

A clamp ac meter provides an easy-to-use way of quickly measuring the alternating current (AC) voltage and current through a single wire or conductor. Clamp AC meters have a set of jaws that open and close with the simple push of a button. Once the wire is inside the jaws, the meter uses the electromagnetic fields generated by the flow of AC current to make current and frequency measurements. One drawback of the clamp AC meter is that you can have only one wire passing through the jaws for accurate measurements. If there is more than one, the electromagnetic fields tend to cancel out each other.

Make sure there are no exposed wires when measuring voltage and current in a wire. Wires should be insulated for safety. The insulation will have no effect on the measurements.

Set the function knob for the type of measurement you want to make, typically frequency or current if you re using the clamp feature, and the range. Most household AC circuits use 120 volts alternating current. If you want to measure voltage, you have to use the probes. Other higher-end clamp meter models have function settings to measure capacitance and resistance.

Press the jaw trigger to open the jaws, position the wire in the middle of the jaws and release the trigger if you want to measure current or frequency. If you re measuring voltage, connect one probe to the positive terminal or wire and the other probe to the negative terminal or wire.

Read the voltage, frequency or current on the display. Voltage measurements are given in volts, current measurements in amperes--or amps, for short--and frequency measurements in hertz. Most household circuits operate on 60 hz.

Write down your measurement with a pen in a notebook. This will help you to remember measurements, and you can compare them with measurements taken at a later date.

Press the jaw trigger, and remove the meter or remove the meter probes. Turn the meter off.

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Class 150~1500 forged steel trunnion ball valve

Class 150~1500 forged steel trunnion ball valve

1.Forged ball valve feature

KOJO forged ball valve,the forging material can ensure sufficient rigidity and strength under maximum rated operation pressure without inherent flaw of cast. Enough wall thikness of separate body and adaptation of high strength tie bolts are convenient for valve maintenance and sufficient to bear the stress of pipe.The internal parts of valve are carefully designed and selected to ensure reliability under all kinds of work condition.

2.Anti-fire safe design

When the trunnion ball valve be used normally,its sealed by seat and ball surface,seat retainer sealed by O-ring and body,this is soft sealed and reliable sealing.When the seat and O-ring are burnt,the seat retainer and body will be sealed by expanded graphite.Thus act anti-fire safe purpose.

3.Anti-static device

In order to prevent friction among ball,stem and PTFE that generates static electricity which may light the combustibles and explosives that cause an accident,in this ball valve,static-conduction spring is set between the stem and the ball,the stem and the body.Thus static electricity is conducted to ground and system safety is secured.

4.Free leakage of body Sealed construction

The connective position of valve body and bonnet is double sealed by gasket and O-ring,on this base,such factors as fire,high temperature,shock and uneven opening or closing of the torque all can t induce external leakage.

5.Low torque in operation

The self-lubricated bearings are installed at the friction of stem,resulting in wear resistance,fiexibility of operation and low torque.

6. Double block&bleed(DBB)

When ball is full open or close position,the transmitter substance in center cavity of body can be released by drainage and emptying devices.In addition,the over loaded pressure in the center cavity of valve can be released to low pressure end by self relief seat.

7.Emergency sealing

Compound injection holes are designed and compound injection valves are installed at locations of stem/cap and body support of side valve.When sealing of stem or seat is damaged to induce leakage,the compound can be used to do the second time sealing.A concealed check valve is installed in side of each compound injection valve to prevent compound from out flowing due to the action of transmitter substance.The top of the compound injection valve is the connector for fast connection with compound injection gun.

8.Extension stem

For the underground installed valve,the stem can be lengthened and for the convenience of operation the corresponding compound injection nozzle and drainage valve can be extended to the top of valve.

9.Automatic body cavity relief

When the body pressure going up un-normally as the unstable factor,the trunnion ball valve downstream seat will be pushed by unnormal pressure,and the release the un-normally pressure automatically,it doesn t damage to the sealing of upstream seat.

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About Tree Frogs Swing Set Factory

About Tree Frogs Swing Set Factory

Why go to a shrimpy swing set dealer with only 4-5 units set up when you can come to Tree Frog s TEXAS SIZED lot with 17 awesome play sets to fit any sized budget or yard!

We have moved to a HUGE new location at 2552 S. Stemmons Freeway ( the NE corner of I-35E and the 121 tollway)!

Kid Structures is changing it s name to Tree Frogs Wooden swing sets factory!

Kid Structures is a Texas-based manufacturer of American-made wooden play structures. The company opened its first showroom in Houston in 1994. Since then, it has added two locations in Houston as well as locations in San Antonio and Dallas. Kid Structures’ mission is to give families the highest quality and safest playsets that are creatively designed to fuel imaginations and inspire healthy play. We offer 52 different models of wooden swing sets ranging from $559 to $15,500. For more information, visit

Play, Swing, and Climb all day long on our Residential swing sets factory! Children of all ages will love these swing sets! With numerous accessories and different add-ons for the swing sets your children will never get bored and their friends will be envious. Not only are these swing sets very fun, they are also very safe. Some swing sets are made of Non-Toxic borate treated lumber coated with a protective polymer which makes the swing set 100% splinter free, UV stabilized, and low maintenance. We also sell swing sets that are made of a lightweight polyresin, or special outdoor weather treated lumber. If you would like to make your playground even safer check out the fanny pads or playground rubber mulch! Buy Congo s Monkey #1 and watch your swing set grow as you buy the upgrades. We also sell swing sets buy Playtime and Lifetime if you already know what type or size of swing set you would like.

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Capsule Filling Machines

Capsule Filling Machines

We are supplying Automatic Capsule Filling Machine and Automatic Capsule Loading Machine. The capsule filling machine, Manual Capsule Filling Machine is one of the oldest as well as the most popular and widely used form of capsule filling. The machine is designed and manufactured with utmost care to handle all sizes ranging from 00 to 5 and to give you trouble free services year after year.

Though all the operations are manual, the machine calls for precision machined components and assembled with highly skilled personnel.

The manual capsule filling machine is widely used in research laboratories, academic institution and medium to small scale manufacturing industries.

You have the option of buying an Automatic Capsule Loading Machine, which speeds up the production activity, as the maximum time taken is for the loading of capsules manually on the loading trays of the capsule filler.

The GKF HiProTect is a capsule filling machine with containment for processing potent substances. This system answers the growing need for pharmaceutical researchers and manufacturers to be completely isolated from active substances during operation, maintenance, and cleaning. The GKF HiProTect does this through an array of automated processes and provides a true containment solution. The GKF HiProTect is designed to provide easy accessibility to all stations, making it simple to interact with the machine components inside the contained area. The machine is upgradeable and additional stations can be easily added to accomodate future production needs making it adaptable to exact customer applications.

The Adapta is an extremely innovative capsule filling machine able to dose powder, pellets, tablets, microtablets and liquids into hard gelatine capsules.

The Adapta s DNA has its roots in IMA s 50 years of experience and more than 5,000 capsule filling installations worldwide. This knowledge and experience have allowed the IMA capsule fillers to evolve and adapt to the ever changing requirements of the market.

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The Radalert 100 Digital Pocket Geiger Counter

The successor to the proven and popular Radalert 50, the Radalert 100 Digital is a digital pocket Geiger counter designed for general purpose monitoring of radioactivity.

It detects Alpha, Beta, Gamma and X-radiation, visually shown on a highly accurate digital display with readings in your choice of both CPM (to 110,000 counts per minute) and mR/hr (up to 110 mR/hr), or switchable to the international standard of μSv/hr (up to 1,100 uSv/hr).

A red LED blinks and a beeper chirps with each radiation count. The audio chirp can be turned off.

The Radalert derives its name from an audible alert that sounds when the radiation reaches a user-adjustable level. Play this sound file. The picture at right shows that adjustment on the top of the unit, to the right of the screened open window over the Geiger Mueller detector.

The Radalert 100 Digital also can be set for a Total Count (see closeup of panel), which will accumulate the radiation counts over time. This is a useful feature especially for establishing your background radiation level. As an example, you can set the unit to Total, and after say 10 minutes, divide the Total Count value by 10 to arrive at your background radiation in CPM.

This unit also has a Data Output port to record counts on a computer or data logger, as shown in the picture at right. Select the navigation button above or click on this link for more on the on data output, and the optional Software accessories. Also note the Audio Output port for external sound.

The Radalert 100 Digital runs on a single 9 volt alkaline battery (included) which will last up to three months on continuous use at background levels.

The Radalert also comes with a padded vinyl carrying case with belt loop, shown at left.

Select the navigation button above, or click here for detailed Specifications on the Radalert 100 Digital.

The Radalert 100 Digital is a very popular unit. If you want an all-around excellent Pocket Geiger Counter with a digital readout versus an analog meter, along with a user adjusted audible alert, and/or desire a data port, we recommend this unit.

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Large Tents for Outdors Fun

Large Tents for Outdors Fun

Yeah! It s summer time again, and we all know what that means. It s camping and outdoor fun season. Okay, so it s not quite summer yet, but it s close enough. As long as the temperature is good and the sun is shining, you re pretty much good to go. Do you have your camping supplies ready? I am one of those people who always have the necessities at hand. From large tents, to sleeping bags, to campfire cooking utensils, it s all good to go. You know, I just like to be prepared.

Are you a big fan of the outdoors? While the city life can be a blast, the constant smog and chaos can also get on your nerves. Sometimes you just need to get away from it all. One of my favorite adventures is to get a big group of family and friends together for a weekend camping trip. This is where some quality large tents and a number of sleeping bags come in handy. How big is your tent by the way? Is it one of those compact two men deals, or did you invest in a nice 8 men tent for the entire family? I tend to go with the large tents. I like to keep my family together so I can keep a close eye on things. A few large tents are ideal when you travel with a couple of other families as well. Each family has their own living space. Not to mention, they make them so nice these days. You can find heavily constructed large tents that will withstand most kinds of weather.

When was the last time you updated your camping supplies? It may be high time to take a gander and see what all is out there. Stores such as Cabelas and R.E.I. both carry a plethora of large tents and camping supplies to suit any nature nut. You can browse through a deluge of outdoor accessories that will surely enhance your camping experience. Virtually anything from outdoor showers to tent heaters are available these days. If you are looking for more immediate gratification, then it s time you gave the World-Wide-Web a shot. In cyberspace you will find a vast selection of large tents and camping equipment to tickle anyone s fancy. Sort through a number of web sites to pinpoint the absolute best deals. Make that bout with Mother Nature one to remember with quality camping supplies at great prices.

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Give Your Home an Aesthetic Makeover With Acrylic Emulsion

Give Your Home an Aesthetic Makeover With Acrylic Emulsion

If you re looking to give your walls a completely new look, then it is possible that you might come across various paint and decor ideas for your home. Each us of one wish to paint our home walls with fine looing and durable wall paint; but not everyone get that desired look. There are abundant reasons that can lead to such situations; the most common one is wrong choice of paint. This is because more often people make hasty decisions for their wall paints and omit the crucial elements like paint type and the qualities they possess. For such ignorance they end up suffering high price by repainting their walls again or at least getting the touch-ups done.

However, this is not the case when you choose acrylic emulsion. This is because this paint is bestowed with elements that take care of the walls, environment, your budget, and with all these included you can give the desired look to your walls. Acrylic emulsions are great for their water solubility and once they dried completely they are hard to wash off with water. Moreover, they come in a great range of shades and patterns, which mean you won t compromise on the decor factors in your painting job. Below is the list of finishes that you can get with acrylic emulsion.

Matte Finish - Matte finish acrylic emulsion is the highly used paint choice in different parts of the world and sometimes known as flat finish. This finish is found to be useful in concealing the minute errors of the walls such as uneven surface and wall cracks.

Egg shell Finish - Egg shell finish paints are widely used as they allow quick and easy cleaning of walls. . These emulsions when applied to any surface give an effect very close to the outer area of an egg shell. Such finishes allow for a durable and easy clean surface. Sturdy finger marks and dirt stains can be removed easily from egg shell finished paints.

Gloss Finish - Gloss finish acrylic emulsion is good for people who wish to build up an altogether different atmosphere in a specific room. Let s take an example. The background of a bar counter can be painted with a glossy acrylic paint, when light falls over the walls it will reflect back and create a stupendous atmosphere.

Before you choose a particular type of acrylic emulsion, it is advised to do a thorough research on different types.

Looking for acrylic emulsion? ICI is a major paints, adhesive and speciality products business with products and ingredients developed for a wide range of markets.

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What to Look for in a Waterproof Bag?

What to Look for in a Waterproof Bag?

Waterproof bags are available in a whole host of different shapes, sizes and styles, and are often specially designed for a specific purpose. However, a good quality waterproof bag will always offer protection from the elements and against damage while keeping its contents completely dry. It is important to identify which features and benefits will be most important to you before you go about choosing the right waterproof bag for your needs.

Depending on the activity, you may either need a roll-top bag, duffel bag or backpack if you just want something for general use. However a waterproof bag that can be attached to a bike rack may be more suitable if you require something for a more specialised purpose. On the other hand if you re looking for a Waterproof bag to go on the roof top of your car or for carrying very large loads, then a rooftop cargo case may be the obvious option. Or perhaps all you re after is a small waterproof pouch for use on the beach or by the pool and big enough to hold some money and a phone.

A strong zipper, buckles and/or fasteners are the first tell tale sign of a well made waterproof bag. Finding a for sale bag is often an indication that one of these components is of an inferior quality. If you have to replace the bag sooner than intended then this initial saving can turn out to be a false economy. Value for money at your budget point is therefore of the utmost concern. In some circumstances a poor quality bag can even endanger your life or in any event can ruin your gear which you d thought was being kept nice and dry. Not good if you re carrying something expensive like a laptop.


Chances are your waterproof bag will be taking a bit of a beating. You ll want to ensure that your bag is durable and able to withstand a fair bit of abuse. Heavy duty construction is a feature of most waterproof bags, many of which come with a puncture resistant reinforced bottom (that won t easily puncture when dropped or thrown about) and a reinforced copper or brass zipper. Any handles or straps should all be double stitched or treble stitched and for best durability the stitching should be in the style of a X.

Waterproof bags are a great tool to use to keep all of your gear organized and to be able to carry it all around easily and with little effort. However there can be nothing worse than expecting to find your gear completely dry only to find that the waterproof sealing on your bag has failed and your gear is all wet. Not all waterproof bags were made equal. Because of this fact, this waterproof bag review site contains a selection of top quality waterproof bags for a variety of different uses and in a variety of different shapes, styles and colours. Each of these comes with my personal recommendation. Good luck with the selection of your waterproof bag and I hope you have a great time putting it to good use.

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