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How to Operate a Manual Sugar Cane Juicer

ipad001 - 17-11-2014 at 07:14

How to Operate a Manual Sugar Cane Juicer?

Sugar cane is a kind of thick-skinned porous grass that can be extracted with a sweet juice. For years, it has been shown by study that the sugar cane juice has numerous benefits to human body.As the sugar cane juice is very healthy to health, then how to get the sugar cane juice more easy is a question for everyone. To well solve this problem, first of all we should have a manual sugar cane juicer, which is suitable for family use. The sugar cane juicer can be provided by UCOWIN directly.

Once you have a sugar cane mill, then you need to prepare some sugar cane. Sugar cane are planted and available in most area of the world, so it will be easy for your to prepare the material. Then let do the juicing work step by step.

Step 1: Peel the thick skin of sugar cane by knife. This is necessary step, the peeled sugar cane will be extracted more easy and quick by the machine.
Step 2: Cut the peeled sugar cane into several section, then put it into the sugar cane juicer one by one. During this process, if the diameter of sugar cane is more than 30mm, then you need to cut it into two pieces before juiceing in case of overload.
Step 3: In case of any overload phenomenon happened, turn the handwheel at opposition direction.
Step 4: For the transmission gear, do the maintenance each week by adding lubrication.
Step 5: Watch and clean the roller after juice extraction in time.

Above steps can help you to operate the sugar cane juicer well. Should you have any questions during operate the Sugar cane juice extractor made by UCOWIN, you can contact us anytime. Our professionalengineer will be happy to help you solve any problem.

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