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Convert Normal 2D Videos to 3D in MKV format on Mac with The Mac 2D to 3D MKV Converter

ame001 - 24-6-2013 at 09:05

2D Video to 3D MKV Converter for Mac

MKV is a very popular video format, it not only can be taken to compress 2D videos, 3D videos can also take this MKV format. Nowadays 3D movie is more and more popular, many people like it because it feels so real. However people can only go to cinema and buy a ticket to see a 3D movie. 3D version DVD or some other 3D productions is not enough to fulfill people's need. The resource is not enough, but now we have gotten another way to get 3D videos.

The solution is very simple, people just need a 3D video converter to convert 2D videos to 3D version. But what kind of 3D video converter should we choose, and which one is better? It is hard to find a good video converter, many 2D to 3D converter cannot meet people's requirement, the quality of output videos is bad and the converting speed is slow. So people may need a professional 2D to 3D converter, such as the Mac 2D to 3D MKV converter.

To make better converting, the Mac 2D to 3D MKV Converter is mainly aimed to create 3D videos in MKV format. Because it focus on converting 2D to 3D in MKV format on Mac, the output 3D videos can preserve the original videos' quality, and the speed of converting is also very fast. To serve people better, this professional 2D to 3D MKV Converter for Mac can also convert 2D video to some other 3D formats, and convert 3D videos to 3D between different standers and formats.

Step by step guide to convert 2d video to 3d mkv on Mac?

Step 1:Install 2D to 3D MKV Converter for Mac
Install and run 2D to 3D MKV Video Converter for Mac, selcet the action that you need, include 2D to 3D, 3D to 3D and 3D to 2D.

Step 2:Input video and Setting
Import your source video and select the 3D type that you need.

Step 3:Preview and Convert
Click the convert button to convert your video, preview the video before you convert, after you click the convert button, you can set the output video format that you need or compatible with your devices, here choose .mkv.